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Rat Nazi Pelosi Nailed in Ethics Scandal ! 14
Obama hasn't created one single permanent job in four years. 2
Judge Wiss is dead 2
Murtha and Durban on Suicide Watch over Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death 6
Earth's core Reachers 3 million degrees F , GW to blame 3
Thar Bush Blows 9
Pelosi: "We pledge to make this the most honest, ethical, and open Congress in h 3
Obama Spent $11.45 Million per 'Green Job' Created 20
# Clinton 2
ObamaMedia Lies about Palin Map Exposed 5
Another Kerry Lie: Kerry phony explosives CBS-Like phony document scam blows up 5
Knuckledraggers for Limbaugh 9
OMG - White House Admits Bush Lied - LOL!!!! 2
Fundies Rule America 9
Chantry Flats/Santa Anita Canyon Road to Reopen in December 2005 5
Debate about homosexuality "disorder" resurfaces in Spain 2
Christian Culture Nazis 5
Hannity's America Not My America 2
L.A. School District Ends Zero Tolerance For Head Lice To Accommodate Wetbacks 2
Bush Ashamed-Lesbian Mary Cheney? 12
Adolf the Great 2
White House Race Causes Investor Jitters 3
Bush Qualifies "promise" to fire leaker 19
propaganda flash animations 2
CBS News Prez Can't Stand Rather 4
CAFTA Voting Irregularities 4
Black Unemployment rate Soars ! Thanks Obama ! 2
Things Palin would do for Love 2
Obama and family leave Washington for seventh vacation in 18 months 9
We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good 5